A Basel based Design Studio specializing in planning, conception, design and development of projects in between digital and physical space.


Creating, simplifying and making things work.


Concept & Design

Design isn't about the looks of something, it's about how something is built to fulfil a purpose. We use Design to create things that do not only function but can also be loved.

  • ux/ui
  • interactiondesign
  • web
  • apps
  • interfaces
  • experiences

Code & Development

Code is a tool and tools are cool! The Studio builds mobile apps, websites, web-apps, desktop applications but also products that live in physical space such as interactive media tables.

  • react
  • vue
  • craftcms
  • jamstack
  • native
  • technology

Consulting & Education

Offering consultation, teaching or helping to brainstorm your new business idea, we like to share our expertise and help bringing products to life or to the next level.

  • designthinking
  • agile
  • research
  • spiking
  • prototyping
  • informaton


Websites, Apps, Media Architecture.

Migros Sommernachts-Ball

Migros Sommernachts-Ball

Complete redesign and technical overhaul for front and backend of Migros Sommernachts-Ball web presence.

Built with Gatsby/React the website featues a scrolling navigation and monochrome color concept.

  • Client: Genossenschaft Migros Zürich
  • Services: Code, Consulting, Interaction Design
  • Partner: Komun
Hyundai Pavilion Water Installation
Image Copyright Luke Hayes

Hyundai Pavilion Water Installation

iart project documentation

Interactive water installation within the pavilion of Hyundai at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

The pavilion presented hydrogen as a sustainable and efficient fuel of the future. An art installation made of hydrophobic waited on the inside, with thousands of water droplets moving in a choreography through its milled paths.

  • Employer: Under employment at iart AG
  • Services: Concept, Project Planning, Project Management, Commissioning
Hansel & Gretel, Armory On Park
Image Copyright iart AG

Hansel & Gretel, Armory On Park

iart project documentation

An interactive and immersive video art installation filling an entire ex-military drill hall in Manhattan NY - referring to the topic of 'digital footprints'.

56 infrared cameras recorded the visitors while projectors displayed their secretly filmed silhouettes in real time. Each projector used a small computer to form a self-contained, independent link, but communicated with all the others to form a decentralized, flexible system.

  • Employer: Under employment at iart AG
  • Services: Conception, Media Planning, Code, Commissioning


Who is this?

Riccardo is an Interaction Designer and holds a BA from Zurich University of the Arts and an MA from Royal College of Art, London. Prior to opening the Studio he has substantially contributed to numerous projects for companies such as Takram (London) and iart (Basel).

The Process

The Studio accomplishes projects while accompanying the client throughout the entire process, starting from ideation to prototyping to final product and subsequent launch. The client is included into the iteration loops in a participative and transparent way.

The Studio

While the Studio is mainly led by Riccardo himself, it is part of a varied network of specialists in relevant fields like photography, graphic design, electronics & fabrication etc. which makes for a high degree of agility and flexibility.