Wavekit Mk1

A toolset for sensual investigation of electromagnetic field phenomena

Zurich University of the Arts, 2012

In our modern, electronics-dependent lifes, electromagnetic fields (EMF) surround us almost everywhere we go, pretty much all the time. EMF are radiated by all of our electronic devices and could be imagined as 3-dimensional structures, differing in shape, size, and density. People are taking widely different stances on EMF. Some go to extreme lengths to protect themselves from this "electrical pollution", while others do not consider the subject at all.

These structures and shapes encircle us, yet the human body was not equipped with a sensory organ to detect them; therefore humans are not able to perceive these immaterial and invisible entities. With WaveKit, enthusiasts can interactively experience EMF by extending their human sensory equipment: additional sensors translate data from electromagnetic fields into perceivable sensations, e.g. vision, hearing, and touching.

Shown at Bachelor Exhibition at Zurich University of the Arts, June 2012, nominated for Design Dept. Best Bachelor Project 2012